About this event

We’re going back to the playground on Sunday 27th October for a conker competition!

£2 entry – proceeds go to St Wilfrids Hospice

The Seal will match any money raised by the conker competition!

Prizes will be available for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place

Conkers will be available from The Seal

Rules available at the bottom of this page.



Spirit FM Sussex Battle of the Boozers at 12pm

Live music from Shauna Parker and the Saloon Bar Band at The Seal at 3pm


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  1. Each player must purchase a ‘stringed’ conker (nut) from the organiser and will receive a ‘player number’ which will remain their number throughout the tournament.
  2. Players will toss a coin to decide who goes first, the winner of the toss may choose to strike or be stuck first. The winner of each pairing will go forward into the next round and will receive £1 in prize money.
  3. Each player will strike the opponents nut once, before the player who went first then has two attempts to break their opponents nut before the other player then has two attempts on the players nut. Followed by alternate strikes.
  4. If a nut slips the knot and falls to the floor without breaking, it can be restrung and the game resumed.
  5. If both nuts break on the same strike the player who struck last is declared the winner.
  6. In the case of ‘strings’ the striking player will receive a warning, followed by a ‘yellow card’ for a 2nd ‘strings’. A 3rd ‘strings’ will result in a disqualification.
  7. In the event of an uneven number of players for any particular round players will draw for a BYE.
  8. A miss counts as the players go. If you do not hit the opponents nut on your turn, your opponent has the next strike.
  9. The organisers word is final!