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Milton Hide
Milton Hide had a flying start to their first musical year – opening for R2 Folk Awards Winner, Jim Moray, supporting the legendary Martin Carthy and the iconic singer-songwriter Steve Tilston. They wrote and recorded a charity Christmas single, Christmas Lite. Now they have honed their stage craft, written new material, created new arrangements and are about to release their first official EP, Little Fish.
Jim and Josie Tipler started performing together at art college where they met, busking and playing for friends and family. Jim continued playing after college and, with his brother Bob, eventually formed the popular ‘Cajun Dawgs’ and then The Pistol Shrimps – a union of The Cajun Dawgs and fellow cajun-style band Rough Chowder. When both acts disbanded in quick succession, Jim persuaded Josie to pick up the clarinet she’d had from school once again and come out to play – easier now that their three sons had grown up and left home.
Adopting the name of a well-known local area of East Sussex woodland, Milton Hide decided from the start that they would write and perform their own material and so set out playing the floor spots at local folk clubs and open mics. Jim reworked material he had written for previous bands to make suitable for an acoustic duo and Josie started to write highly idiosyncratic and witty lyrics to which Jim added the music.


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