About this event

open mic

Who needs X Factor, come to The Seal instead if you want to see talent!

Come down to The Seal every 2nd Thursday of the Month for a great evenings Entertainment.  The night is hosted by Sedge & John and is great fun and a great evenings entertainment.  Bring your guitar or any other instrument or only your voice.  Our Open Mic nights are open to all, experienced or in-experienced so just so just come down and join in the fun.

Open Mic with Sedge and Jon is a live show where audience members may perform at the microphone!

As a rule of thumb, you get 15 minutes / 3 songs minimum per set, with the hope of getting the keener people up twice, but this can vary depending on how busy the evening is. So if this is for you then why not come down to The Seal and take part!

Check out their website for more information and for videos of some fantastic performances at open mic nights! Don’t forget to follow them on Facebook & Twitter to keep up to date with the latest news and events.