About this event

Open the box is back! 05/02/23

Our fantastic game of chance is back  on the 5th February (with a new upgrade following a slight accident with the previous box…)

Join us at 4pm every Sunday from 05/02/23 for Open The Box, tickets available at the bar £1 each or 6 for £5. With previous winnings of over £4000 you will not want to miss this!

How it works:

There is a locked box (safe) containing prize money – all money from ticket sales goes into the prize fund inside the box.

You can purchase tickets for the chance to draw a key (now safe code) from a bag: there are 15 codes at the starting week of the game.

Enter the code drawn from the bag: if the safe opens the prize money is yours! Picked the wrong code? It’s a roll over: with the following Sunday having only 14 codes.

With each incorrect draw the number of codes decreases but the prize money goes up!

You’ve got to be in it the draw to win it! Tickets available all week until 3:45pm Sunday!