About this event

Ahoy There!

Stop yer pillaging: Lend me an ear. I have a message for ye to hear!

The treasure’s been stolen: it must be found! So tighten ye saches without a sound!

Wear ye best pirate gear; Or it’s going to be wet. Ye be walking the plank for this ye can bet!

I be the Captain, and I’ll lead the way. On September 28th To Celebrate The Seal’s Rum Partaaay!

We be setting sail at 8pm, for some swashbuckling fun! In the late evening sun!


Calling all Pirates of Seal Island to our RUM FESTIVAL… There will be Pillaging, Partying and a Sea Shanty or two

With an extensive selection of rums! Live music from 9pm with The Captains Beard – a fantastic pirate band from Brighton! Promotions on beer! A fancy dress competition!


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