Written by Niko Kolios

Along side our November HAPPY HOUR promotion, we also have a selection of guest cider to showcase!

This week we have Knights Malvern Gold and next week we will feature Orchard Pig’s Navelgazer.

What Knights Cider has to say about Malvern Gold

Malvern Gold is made by our Master Cider Maker from a blend of bittersweet apples including Yarlington Mill, Harry Master’s Jersey, Dabinett and Kingston Black, all picked from our local Herefordshire orchards, in the shadow of the Malvern Hills.

What Orchard Pig has to say about Navelgazer

The rich apple tannin aroma of this dry Somerset cider delivers on taste, leading to tropical notes and a clean, zesty finish.

When rst inhaling the aroma of the aptly-named Orchard Pig Navelgazer the initial tannin character suggests old trees,
ripe apples, and your favourite shady spot in a corner of the orchard. It gives way to distinctive savoury, sherry notes with the initial taste fully delivering on the promised cider richness with tropical grapefruit and pineapple avours, delivering a clean, citrus tingle on the finish.

Both fantastic ciders at 6%.

Pop in and see what you what have to say about these ciders?

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Malvern Gold