The Seal is proud to be a real ale pub, serving a wide range of beers from breweries in West Sussex and beyond.

The bar is well known for providing a wide selection of the cask conditioned English Ales from major breweries as well as micro-breweries and is one of the best places in the area to sample some of the best cask conditioned ales in the country. Regular Ale sampling nights take place throughout the year.

We are proud members of the Cask Marque scheme which promotes good quality Real Ale, through good cellar practice.

Real Ales - Now available on tap

Old Pie Factory American Pie

American Pie

Old Pie Factory Brewery


When an Old Pie Factory in Warwickshire was put up for sale several years ago, few would have thought that a brewery would now stand within its premises.

Tasting Notes

American Pie is a deceptively strong golden ale. The American hops give a subtle, slightly fruity finish.

Crafty Bitter

Crafty Bitter

Spencers Brewery in Selsey


An exclusive from Spencers Brewery in Selsey – Nothing better than a crafty pint!

Tasting Notes

Spencers Crafty Bitter is a blend of pale based malts, and darker malts give this ale a rich, deep colour, and its 4.7% alcohol. Bitterness comes from Cascade hops (UK) and aroma from Target hops (UK). This ale has the perfect traditional bitter taste.


Triple XXX

Langham Brewery


Triple XXX is a cask conditioned dark mild from Langham Brewery.

Tasting Notes

Triple XXX is a dark, chocolate malty winter mild ale with smooth hopping for a slightly sweeter taste.


Dark Star in West Sussex


Hophead at 3.8% is one of our most popular beers and has a huge following across the south coast and I am sure even much further.

Tasting Notes

Hophead is a pale golden colour, cool crisp and refreshing with a slight hoppy bitterness. Many of our customers who drink it say that they seem to get drunk drinking this as opposed to drinking some of the stronger beers. That's because it's too 'moreish' and they always end up drinking more than they realise!

From time to time, in addition to Hophead, we will also be serving other Ales from Dark Star's excellent range.

Talking Parrot

Talking Parrot

Parkway Brewing Company


Their name derives from an old pet shop, Palmers pet store (also known as ‘Regent pet stores’) located in Camden town. It was iconic in its hayday – You could buy your monkeys, your snakes etc. There was even a foul-mouthed parrot that greeted you on entry! Instances like this inspired the creators when naming the beers.

Tasting Notes

Talking Parrot is a well balanced, gorgeous amber colour, mellow. A easy to drink session beer.

Young’s Bitter

Wells & Young's


Young’s Bitter (3.7%) a flavoursome thirst quenching ale from the Wells and Young’s brewing company.

Tasting Notes

Young's Bitter has a subtle hoppy taste, fruity aromas and a satisfying bitter finish, this is also one of our top sellers, and a truly great pint.